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Final Placings of the 2019 Solar & Energy Finance Queensland Prodsports Championship

Congratulations to all the place getters for the 2019 Solar & Energy Finance Qld Prodsports Championship.

Solar & Energy Finance Invited:

1st – Wayne Hennig
2nd – Steve McFadden
3rd – Chris Hatfield

Dolce Bella Confectionery 2B:

1st – Lachlan Harburg
2nd – Jo Barbagallo
3rd – Todd O’Brien

Horse Power Solutions 2F:

1st – Shane Plohl
2nd – Shane Freese
3rd – Julian Greenwood

A Huge Thank you to our outgoing President John Prefontaine, you hardwork, dedication and leadership has been enormous.

The final placings for the 2019 Championship can be found under

Thanks once again to our 2019 Sponsors:

Solar & Energy Finance, Dolce Bella Confectionery and Horse Power Solutions

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