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2019 Solar & Energy Finance QLD Prodsports Round 6 Queensland Raceway – 2 & 3 November 2019 Race Preview

The curtain is about to draw on another dramatic Qld Production sports car racing championship this weekend at Queensland Raceway.

Despite being littered with on – track incidents and off track tough-talk, the 2019 Solar and Energy Finance season has produced some great racing. 

Most notable has been the influx of multiple Porsche 911’s into the category and the battle’s that have ensued. The unfortunate loss of John Prefontaine’s Lotus and the simultaneous destruction of a pair of Ginetta G50’s have thinned the diversity in the 2B category, but those that remain are itching for a shot at the podium. 

Wayne Hennig is reportedly having a bronze statue made in his likeness after securing his 5th consecutive prodsports title even before the Chequered flag drops at Ipswich for the final time this year.

“They call me the Winx of motorsport” remarked Hennig, while signing autographs for fans at a Hastings street Cafe.

Despite some great dices with Steve McFadden, Hennig has proven himself untouchable and is the sole entrant in the Solar and Energy Finance Invited class this weekend.

The Dolce Bella Confectionery 2B class leader “Smokin’ ” Joe Barbagallo holds a very narrow lead over bitter rival and fellow Porsche drive Lachlan Harburg.

The pair have traded places and paint throughout the season with the fiery Italian vowing to do whatever it takes to get the trophy. 

“The mind games started mid season when we launched the #GingerLivesMatter” campaign ( referring to Harburg’s hair colour and apparent lack of a soul)  after he punted me several times at Morgan Park. “He’s lucky that’s all we did, I was wanting to leave a horses head in his bed, but that’s a touchy subject at the moment.”

Todd O’Brien’s is piloting the countries only surviving G50 and will be up against Kevin Vedelago’s Porsche 911. Tim Janke is back in his giant slaying mx-5 alongside Henri Van Roden and John Gill in his Porsche 928.

The Horsepower Solutions 2F title is still open with 160 points on offer. All current leader Shane Plohl needs to do is finish 2 out of the 4 events to stay ahead of Julian Greenwood and Shane Freese, whose rocket ship NB mx-5 has fantastic straight line speed on the QR circuit.

Toyota 86 series contender James Wilkins is back, getting some seat time ahead of Sandown and Newcastle. Wilkins is no stranger to being on the podium at Qld prodsports events, but will have a tough time against Freese and fellow mx-5 drivers Tony Ross, Chris Batista and David Smith will also be fighting for points in the last event for 2019.

Good luck to all drivers and a big thank you to our sponsors Solar and Energy Finance, Dolce Bella Confectionery and Horsepower Solutions.