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2019 Solar & Energy Finance QLD Prodsports Round 2 Queensland Raceway – 4 & 5 May – Race Preview

Round 2 of the Solar and Energy Finance Qld Prodsports Championship erupts at Qld Raceways this weekend following an eventful season opener in March. 

Whilst some of the usual suspects emerged victorious, there was also some displays of newcomer’s raw talent and vastly improved vehicles, that has the old guard nervous.

The long straights heavy braking areas provide fantastic opportunities for overtaking, but generally those with the biggest stick ultimately prevail on the Ipswich national circuit.

The Solar Energy and Finance Invited Class showcases some of the more highly modified and bespoke machinery, with Wayne Hennig tipped to continue his relentless charge to Qld Sports car notoriety. 

“It’s getting ridiculous, quite frankly. I can’t get hot chips from the snack bar with out being asked to sign autographs. I’m pretty sure they will be naming the front straight after me soon.” replied Hennig, after being quizzed on how being a multiple champion has changed his life.

Joining him in the the invited class is Chris Hatfield in his thundering Chev powered Lola T70 replica.  Antonio Basile is also packing a V8 into his G50 Ginetta, with the screaming Zytek powered, lightweight space-frame racer likely to have the best off the shelf performance on the grid.

The Dolce Bella Confectionery 2B race pits John Prefontaine’s lotus Exige against Jeff Hume in his G50 Ginetta. Both drivers suffered unfortunate mechanical failures in the last round, whilst simultaneously being some of the fastest cars in the competition.  Adam Hargraves is getting plenty of motorsport miles under his belt in a wide variety of cars, and returns to prodsports after a successful first outing in his V6 Toyota powered Lotus. Todd O’Brien is piloting the third Ginetta and will going to battle against a slew of Porsches, including the 997s of Barry Tanton and Lachlan Harburg, and the IROC spec Blue 911 of Terry Knight. The remainder of the 2b field is made up Mazdas. Brian Ferrabee has been on a personal mission to build the fastest 2B mx-5 and has combined con-rod shattering boost pressure with maximum aero in a hope to emphatically prove dominance of the mild mannered naturally aspirated, but very effective NA series driven by Tim Janke. Burt Bales brings his series 6 rx-7 as the only rotary powered car in the field.

The Horse Power Solutions 2F category was tightly contested at the front of the field last round, and is shaping up again to be a cracking battle. “Sugar” Shane Freese opened the batting with a win in round one, but all eyes were on Blake Ulyate who was fastest man on ground, missing out on victory due to electrical issues.

The preparation of cars and drivers could not be more different. Freese is part of the very professional “Team Phat” whose transporter, mechanical support, preparation and short haircuts are at odds with the plucky newcomer. Rumour has it, the sleeveless Ulyate was intending to participate in a Rat-Rodding event in his blackened and beaten NA, but turned out to have surprising pace. Richard Barram was lucky to be ready after removing  a cubic meter of gravel from the underside of his NC mx-5 following a near catastrophic excursion at Morgan Park. Shane Plohl has plenty to prove at QR, and knows he has the pace to run at the front of the pack. Julian Greenwood and Chris Battista will be fighting it out in another amazing Qld Prodsports event.

Good luck to all competitors and thanks to our sponsors Solar and Energy Finance, Dolce Bella Confectionery and Horse Power Solutions.