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2019 Solar & Energy Finance QLD Prodsports Round 1 Morgan Park 6 & 7 April Entries Open

Our first meeting of the year will now be held at Morgan Park as part of AMRS on 6 & 7 April.

Being an AMRS race meeting it will be run under AASA regulations, this is not expected to present any problems. As previously mentioned RACERS National and or CAMS licenses as well as CAMS Log Books will meet the requirements of AMRS who run their meetings under AASA. Let me know if you have any concerns with this.

Race Receivers are required at this meeting, the same ones we use at QR and Lakeside, don’t forget yours.

Read the AMRS Supplementary Regulations to familiarise yourself with processes to be applied at this meeting. There is a button below to open the Sup Regs.


Entry Method

Fill out the attached form and send it to me at or post it to 22 Munro Court, Tamborine Mountain 4272.

NOTE: Entries close on 21st March. 



Cost of the race meeting has been negotiated down to $400.
Friday practice is now optional and will cost $150 to be added to your entry fee.
Carports are $120 to be added to your entry fee.

Bank details as follows:

  • BSB:  034-013
  • A/C: 192027
  • Reference: (surname) Rd1    i.e. Barram Rd1

Please put your name on the payment or send an email telling us who non named payments are from this really helps sort out who has paid and who hasn’t.

Race Weekend Format

The meeting will feature Qualifying, Sprint racing and 2 by 30 minute races.


Dave Barram
0419 778023