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Documents for 2019 Solar & Energy Finance QLD Prodsports Round 1 Morgan Park 6 & 7 April

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Our first meeting of the year will now be held at Morgan Park as part of AMRS on 6 & 7 April.

While entries have officially closed we can still take your entry, give me a call or email if you’ve lost the forms.

Attached is the further documentation of the race meeting

Further Regulations
Note:- Race Receivers (like we use at QR and Lakeside) are required for this race meeting.

Pre-Race Inspection Form
This form is to be filled in and handed to the Prod Sports Category Manager along with your log book and license. The Category Manager will check your documentation and then issue you with your wrist bands before the first qualifying session.

Carport Locations
Please leave carports 76 to 80 for competitors with semi trailers, Graham Lusty, Steve McFadden, Adam and Sarah Hargraves and Geoff Taunton. 


Saturday will consist of 15 minutes of qualifying, an 8 lap race and a 23 lap race.
Sunday will consist of a 10 lap race and a 23 lap race.

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AMRS_Supp_Regs_Round_2_Morgan_Park 1






Cost of the race meeting has been negotiated down to $400.
Friday practice is now optional and will cost $150 to be added to your entry fee.
Carports are $120 to be added to your entry fee.

Bank details as follows:

  • BSB:  034-013
  • A/C: 192027
  • Reference: (surname) Rd1    i.e. Barram Rd1

Please put your name on the payment or send an email telling us who non named payments are from this really helps sort out who has paid and who hasn’t.


Dave Barram
0419 778023